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how to apply your Decals kit

Tips to Stick your Decals

  1. Clean your motorbike and dry it.
  2. Place your decal, mark its position with a water-soluble pen.
  3. Stick the back of your decal according to your marks. Avoid fingerprints!
  4. With a plastic card, stick the decal from center to the outside.
  5. Push out air bubbles.
  6. Poke tiny holes in any remaining air.
Yamaha XT 750 Z Super Tenere 1989 white red decals kit

The ideal solution to restore your vintage vehicle to its true original appearance

Finally, you’ve done all the renovations on your engine but miss the final touch?

It appears really difficult to find the right decals kit for your motorbike?

Thanks to Gummy Weld you will be able to make it look brand new!


Gummy Weld offers you a wide range of Decal kit from Official Brand Design 

Designed by brands and re-sold by our company.
Our stickers are made from the best quality material, used by professionals, which means water-proof and sun-roof, once you’ve stuck it, stays for years!
Used to achieve the renovation of your car, moped, scooter, motorbike, or bike.
Created for mechanical experts by mechanical experts.
Original brands shapes, graphics, and color decals according to your exact type of engine.

Thank to our decals kit you will finalize the renovation of your motorbike, car, or bike.

Your engine will be as new as freshly leaving the factory while building it almost a century ago!

You can find on our website tips and advice to put your decal kit on your engine in a proper way. You will also find the original position of the stickers to make them brand new!